Ok, so what's the deal with Maine?

Well here is a list of cool facts (or stuff I made up) about Maine:
Maine is big... REALLY big
There aren't many people in Maine
Seann Ives, Carol Quinlan, Ryan Smart, and Kyle Warren are Mainers. And they are hip.
Mainers use silly words like cunnin', pungin', ayup, and fetchin'. None of these have any foundation in the english language. I guess the sheep must have taught them to the mainers.
We needed a series of names for our computers, and the maineisms were in our vernacular, so we took them
Mainers are laid-back
WOW! I just went shopping and saw a quarter pound chicken egg. It was HUGE. The poor chicken must be walking around bow-legged. That chicken must have been sumthin' wicked cunnin.
So, don't you wish you were from Maine?


Ben Bennett, fiji@ayup.res.wpi.edu