The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web (WWW) is a rapidly expanding information network. It uses the Internet for the physical communication, but the basis of the Web is CERN's HTTP suite of protocols allowing for standardized communications between servers and clients. The advantage of the Web is that it defines a method for clients to access any file in the web without having to "move", merely by clicking on an embeded hypertext link.

To the use a link appears the same if it is local or remote, the client just goes and retries the data and displays it for the user. Also it is possible to embed garphics, sound, movies, and much more within the documents. The client then determines which program to use to interpert the data, then calls it.

The Web allows us to navigate the sea of data through a uniform graphical interface. There are a few shorcomings of the Web, but the HTTP protocols are being continually updated so the language will not stagnate, and will hopefully evolve and maintain its usefullness as time passes.

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