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Employment Overview

Network Security Research and System Administration

Recent Work History

Senior Security Engineer

Netscreen Technologies / Juniper Networks

March 2003 - April 2009


Member of Security Research Engineering group. Performed root-cause analysis for network security issues and expanded IPS coverage in Netscreen/Juniper Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDS/IPS) and Deep Inspection (DI) product lines. Key accomplishments:

  • Researched and wrote detection signatures for all IDS/IPS/DI products.
  • Implemented daily signature release process for critical vendor patches, worms, and viruses, as well as monthly releases for "Microsoft Tuesday".
  • Designed and implemented mid-sized security testing lab with 100+ physical devices supporting and using 50+ VMware images of servers and targets. Used lab for traffic generation, packet capture, NSS testing, signature analysis, and honeynet.
  • Produced and presented training videos and presentations for Sales and Sales Engineering.
  • Performed in-depth analysis for competing IDP/IPS products. Analysis included reverse engineering, detection coverage and comparison, and Intellectual Property assessment. Reported coverage and detection gaps and produced technical white papers.
  • Verified IDS platform coverage using multiple testing suites and performed monthly coverage testing for attacks from Metasploit, CANVAS, etc.
  • Coordinated with Engineering, QA, Sales, Marketing, and Professional Services.
  • "SPG Top Hacker Award" from internal Competitive Analysis competition (Juniper).
  • "Employee of the Quarter" for outstanding contributions (Netscreen).
  • Published Author: Wrote chapters on LAN Reconnaissance and Host Hardening in "Security Power Tools", O'Reilly, ISBN: 978-0-596-00963-2.
Technologies Used

Juniper firewalls, Juniper IDP, Snort, Linux (Red Hat / Ubuntu / Gentoo / Debian / Knoppix), Wireshark, libpcap, VMware GSX/ESX Server, Mu Service Analyzer, BreakingPoint, CORE IMPACT, Metasploit, CANVAS, Perl, Python


IT Manager

Gatespace, Inc.

June 2001 - March 2002


Responsible for all aspects of U.S. IT operations, including supporting Java development and interfacing with customers. Key accomplishments:

  • Architected IT systems between Sweden and the U.S.
  • Authored IT policies.
  • Configured and maintained WAN systems, NFS, CVS, SSH, and VPNs.
Technologies Used

Red Hat Linux, Slackware Linux, OpenBSD, Veritas NetBackup, WEP, IPSec, Windows 2000, Windows Whistler / XP, SNMP, OSGi, J2SE, J2EE


Director of Technology


August 1999 - December 2000


Implemented and managed complete voice and data IT infrastructure. Provided end-to-end solutions and support for all aspects of company IT. Key accomplishments:

  • Co-authored company IT policies (acceptable use, security, data retrieval).
  • Built deployment platform at co-location facility.
  • Hired IT staff for server and help-desk support.
Technologies Used

Solaris 2.6, 7, and 8, Sun servers and disk arrays, Cisco IOS and Local Director, Apple WebObjects, Oracle databases, Checkpoint Firewall-1, Watchguard firewall, IPSec VPN, MS PPTP VPN, Netscape Enterprise Server and Directory Server, Veritas Cluster Server and Backup Exec, Samba, Anti-Virus for Exchange, Cobalt Raq2, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 95, 98, Linux, Microsoft Exchange Server, DNS, FTP, DHCP, Perl


MIS Coordinator

The McKenna Group

June 1998 - June 1999


Managed technical support for a large group of marketing consultants. Provided end-user desktop support. Key accomplishments:

  • Directed turnkey Mac-to-PC conversion, including design and implementation of new network/IT strategy, successful migration of existing Mac applications and data, and development and delivery of user training.

  • Installed, serviced, and provided maintenance to new PC systems.
Technologies Used

Windows NT, 95, 98, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Filemaker Pro, Lotus Smartsuite, Linux, Samba, Netatalk, Netopia and Ascend ISDN, Shiva NetManager, Microsoft Exchange Server, Post.Office SMTP and POP3, FTP


  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Computer Science
  • University of Rhode Island, Computer Science

References available upon request