Why is Eric at Gatespace?

Well, because it's FUN!

Seriously, though, I came to Gatespace because I am friends with Christian Kurzke, and he told me, sometime in October 200 (maybe it was before then...) that he was working for this great company in Menlo Park and they had all sorts of cool people working there and there was all this great stuff... but there was no IT person. Noboy to run the company's servers, nobody to add additional services, nobody to handle the networking. He had been doing some of those duties off and on since he'd started, but Information Technology wasn't his job, or for that matter, core competency. He's a Java programmer for Pete's sake!

At any rate, I was unhappy with my current digs at Perfect since they had moved the Operations and IT departments under the Q.A. department head. Ask me to tell you the whole story when you have a lot of time on your hands. So I interviewed with Ulf Corne and said I was interested in test-driving Gatespace out as a contractor for a little while, but I wasn't certain that a full-time position was right just then. He agreed and now I joined the Gatespace team as a contractor.

Later, they hired a manager of engineering and professional services, this fellow by the name of Bob Hodges. And I guess I must have impressed him, because he insisted that I join the company as a full-time senior engineer / IT manager.