Presenting the first update of this page's content since 1993... yes, I finally got rid of the old URLs that still had port numbers in them.

Hi. I'm xine.

[Picture of me next to a 'DIP IN ROAD' sign.]
Since all Web pages nowadays have Big Ugly Graphics, I present you here with a photo was taken by my father (so you can decide, I suppose, who the dip is) outside of my grandmother's house in Pittsburgh. Back in 1996, xmas answered a request that was up here for a couple of years, and touched up the photo to make me a leggy blonde. We've got a bunch of wedding pictures scanned in (and house pictures, and vacation pictures...) - e-mail me for URLs.


Birth. School. Work. Death.

In my spare time...

  • Finger information (Believe me, back in 1993, this was funny.)