Emacs HTML Mode Hotkeys

For each command I will show the command and then in the next column I will put the result with an asterisk (*) replacing the final location of the cursor. If you are prompted for more information in the mini-buffer I will mark the location of the information with a hash (#), and if two pieces are needed I shall mark it with a second hash (##).

Normal Commands:

C-c a <ADDRESS>*</ADDRESS> Address block C-c b <BLOCKQUOTE> Blockquote * </BLOCKQUOTE> C-c C-b <B>*</B> Bold C-c c <CODE>*</CODE> Code block C-c C-c <CITE>*</CITE> Citation C-c d <DL> Description list <DT> * <DD> </DL> C-c e Desc. List Entry <DT> * <DD> C-c C-e <EM>*</EM> Add emphasised C-c C-f <TT>*</TT> Fixed font C-c g <IMG SRC="#">* Embedded Image C-c h <H#>##</H#> Header C-c i List or menu item <LI> C-c C-i <I>*</I> Italic C-c C-k <KBD>*</KBD> Keyboard? C-c l <A HREF="#">*</A> Hyper Link C-c C-l <LISTING> Listing Block &lt;/LISTING&gt; C-c m <MENU> Menu <LI> * </MENU> C-c C-m <SAMP>*</SAMP> Sample block C-c n <OL> Numbered list <LI> </OL> C-c p <P> End a paragraph C-c C-p <PRE> Preformatted block * </PRE> C-c r <A NAME="#">*</A> Insert a reference C-c s <UL> Unordered list <LI> </UL> C-c C-s <STRONG>*/STRONG> Strong C-c t <TITLE>#</TITLE> Places title at top leaving cursor unmoved. Or replaces previous title block. C-c C-v <VAR>*/VAR> Add variable C-c x <XMP> Add plaintext * &lt;XMP&gt; C-c z Fork a mosaic process to preview the document.