Welcome to Rokenworld, the Rokenbok fan site! Rokenworld is intended to be a gathering place for enthusiasts of the Rokenbok toy experience - here we share ideas, stories, layouts and designs, and just about anything else related to the Rokenbok system. We are not affiliated with the Rokenbok toy company in any official capacity; check the disclaimer at the bottom of our FAQ for more details.

The site is split into four categories (the same four abstract steps on all Rokenbok material and instructions):

  • Start - Information pertaining to "getting started" with Rokenbok, including FAQ, mailing list archive, linking to Rokenworld, and so on.
  • Build - Layouts and design tips and tricks, LDraw parts, set contents, and photo gallery.
  • Control - Rokenbok internals, hacks, rumors, and other nifty stuff.
  • Drive - Rules for games and competitions using Rokenbok playsets.

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