Eric Markham's Page

A haiku:

             just avoid biting
     your pillow in worthless angst;
            sleep awaits us all.

A description of who I am and what I'm doing here

Or maybe you're in the IT business and you're looking for a laugh.

My buddy Doug lost everything in a fire. Cry.

I got married. Here are some pictures

For those of you running the Linux operating system, I have some stuff that might be useful.

  • My XF86Config for my Thinkpad 570E
  • My XftConfig to pretty up the fonts and provide anti-aliasing text for truetype
  • My GnuPG public key block (just like PGP with half the crap)

    What have I been up to? It should be in the resume

    here's my old .plan file, several years out of date.

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